Date with Spanish Girl.

I’m jumping ahead a bit but since this happened yesterday, I want to write it down as it’s still fresh in my mind. This was the second date with this Spanish girl. She said at the start of the first date that she had a boyfriend but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way. We decided to go to a place not too from Dublin for a hike and a picnic. In my very limited ‘game’ mind the idea was to create a bubble so that she would feel comfortable and relaxed with me and not be thinking about the boyfriend. It was a beautiful September’s day and the hike was pleasant and chilled. She is very petite and feminine and as we were driving to the location she took her top off wearing only a string vest. I’m certain she sensed all the blood draining from the top half of my body heading south, I suddenly felt an adrenaline spike for a few moments, I wanted her there and then! Once the hike was over we had our picnic, making sure I sat nice and close. We ate and joked around as I slowly escalated. Within minutes her legs were in between mine, my hand up her top slowly rubbing her back. I kept giving her the tiger eyes and she kept giggling nervously. Now, at this point I knew it was time to close, but I kept getting her cheek. I cooled things off for a while and tried again, no joy! As we were leaving and I was packing things into the van she came over and hugged me. This lasted for about 10 seconds and I went for it again but nothing.

Reflecting, Torero always says about taking the bull by the horns and leading. I felt that I was leading but not with 100% conviction. I feel she was constantly debating in her mind whether to give herself up or stay loyal to the boyfriend. Other than that, I’m not sure what I should have done differently.


Infield Report – 21/8/19, Dublin

I went out with my wings on a rainy evening in Dublin after I arrived back from Colombia. Weather was shite and my vibe was off. First session back since May. I only managed to do one approach but got her number. A saw a girl walk past me on Henry Street wearing tight white jeans with a big juicy ass. As I got closer I realized her face wasn’t great but I persisted and got her number. Turns out she was Mexican and her texting abilities were limited. My approach was strong but I startled her, spoke too fast and I had to repeat myself a few times. On the way home I was annoyed that I only approached 1 girl so decided to go out the next day.

Infield Report -28/05/19

I was doing an open mic later that night so had a few hours to kill. I’ve been trying to push myself to do more solo game in order to improve and not rely on having a wing. The weather wasn’t ideal put I wasn’t prepared to listen to any weasels. I placed myself on a nice spot at the top of Henry Street (it is now one of my favorite spots to fish) and watched the lovely ladies pass me by. I’ve been eyeing South Americans lately as I feel they are easier to approach. One passed me and I regretted not taking action. Thankfully I saw her again further down Henry Street and I went in. ‘You look South American’ I said with a smile. I teased her about the weather in Ireland and why she wasn’t on the beach in a bikini. She was very compliant and open but didn’t invest. I was pretty unsure what to do after as I was waiting for her to hook. I fell into ‘Hairdresser Questions’ mode and lost the frame. Recently I’ve noticed girls I approach are a little confused as I am speaking too quickly for them and they don’t fully know what is going on. I got her number but she flaked – I wasn’t surprised.

Overall, happy with getting a number while I was out solo but need to push myself more.

Infield Report – Dublin, 25/5/19

I had been living back in Dublin for a few months when I got a ping on my phone telling me that Tusk had added me to a group on whatsapp. A Daygame group was created and from that I got chatting to a few guys based in Ireland who had done daygame in the past. Most of the lads seemed about my level so after a few texts we decided to head out on the streets of Dirty Dublin and try our hand at a bit of game. This was my first time attempting it in Ireland and my first time after a hiatus of about 7 months. The guy that got me into Tom Torero in Dubai in 2017 was up in Dublin and decided to tag along. Myself and T met up with M from the whatsapp group.

We started off with a coffee and a walk up O’Connell street. Not much was happening as the street seemed too crowded. We decided to head down towards Henry Street and although busy, I was hoping we could spot a few single sets to warm us up. I saw a girl walking up the street holding a helmet. For some reason AA didn’t seem strong at all and I had no hesitations when I approached. The stack was clumpy and flat (I had mentioned her helmet and she left. I noticed she had really bad teeth, so when she showed no interest I just let her go. It wasn’t long after when M and T got off the mark with some strong approaches. At the top of Henry Street I saw a cute girl in gym gear, again without hesitation I walked straight up to her. She seemed interested but I couldn’t think of what to say after the stack. I mentioned just being in the gym etc. but the conversation didn’t go anywhere. It went quiet for a while as we went south of the river. After about 30 minutes we decided to head back towards Henry Street. M got a really cute Mexican girl’s number just before he headed off, she was open and friendly and was delighted to have been approached. T and I floated about doing a couple of sets that lead nowhere. Finally as we neared the Ilac a south american girl with great tits walks by. I count to three and walk back. After a patchy start things are going well but her English is terrible. I keep looking at her great set of tits and she gives me a knowing smile. Because her English is so bad and due to my lack of experience I’m not sure what to do. I eventually get her number and leave. Looking back I’m not sure if an instant date would have been a better idea as she knew I was attracted to her. We stay on Henry street and T gets a tasty American number, she was so receptive and happy that he approached. As we are strolling through Temple Bar I spot my ideal girl. She’s mixed race with an afro, tall and slim walking with a purpose. I tell myself that I’m nowhere near ready to approach her but T pushes me in. Already I had failed as I was telling myself this on my approach. I open, stack and it turns out she’s Irish! That caught me off guard completely. Ireland has its fair share of beautiful mix race girls but usually they’re from South America. Unlike London, the mix of Irish mixed with black is not as common (I wish it was). I’m glad I did the approach and looking back I need to prepare myself for all eventualities to get past the stacking phase.

Conclusion – As a very inexperienced daygamer I feel Dublin is easier to approach compared with London. Although we didn’t approach many Irish girls there are a lot of other nationalities who are delighted with an approach and are more than happy to pass on their number. I reckon an experienced daygamer would clean up on the streets of Dirty Dublin.

Infield Report, London, 12/09/18

Solo for the first time. Y said he is moving to Cyprus in a month so I need to get used to approaching solo. Hung around Trafalgar Sq for a while but nothing was happening. The evening was dry and mild so was happy to be out.

Crossed Westminister Bridge and saw a girl storming past. Hesitated but went for it. Not the strongest of stops. I said she looked nice and she just powered on. Glad I got off the mark but this needs to improve if I’m to get anywhere.

Here concludes my daygaming experience in London. I’m sure I went back on the dating apps for the next couple of months with a lot of success but little sense of achievement. I moved back to Ireland in January and it wasn’t until May that I did my first approaches on the streets of Dublin with an old and new wing.

Infield Report, London, 4/9/18

I’m going to start with my final approach and the lesson I learnt as a result. Myself and Y had just finished a two hour session in central. We were sitting in Covent Garden and a girl passed. She was very sexy, in gym gear and walked with a purpose. I went and approached. She had a bottle in her mouth and an apple in her hand. I mentioned how sexy she looked even though she had her mouth full. She laughed. I played around with her and everything was going well. Now the thing is, as I approached in my head I had told myself that she was not going to be interested. As the set progressed I was panicking as I had already set myself up for failure. She said that she was from Chile and was openly waiting for me to continue, I lost the frame and left. The learning point here is to quieten the negative voices in your head before you approach because the majority of women love being stoped, it’s the logical side of my brain that is telling me otherwise.

Overall it was a good day today, I managed 5 approaches.First there was a girl near Piccadilly Circus, she looked great from a distance but wasn’t too good closer up. I was happy to get the first one done. A little while later, near Covent Garden I approached a really hot girl. She was Italian and her English was really bad. I slowed my speech way down but it was a struggle. Another girl near Covent Garden who I thought was a tourist turned out to be English. She had no interest in chatting and walked away. It dipped for a while and then saw a cute mixed race girl on Oxford Street. She seemed surprised and probably would have continued chatting but I walked away. Reflecting on today’s performance, I’m slowly getting the approaches up but I need to be ready to stack more and stick to the frame.

Date with Katharona 16/08/18

This was the first date with a girl from day game. I had been on a date with a girl the night before (Hinge) and it was flat and lifeless. Subsequently I would go on a date the following day (another Hinge date) and that felt the same. 
For this date I watched Tom Torero’s Date Tips. I was pretty nervous the afternoon of the date for some reason, I think I was tired from the night before. I got home from work and took a nap.K was coming to Camden for a tour. I decided to head down to the pub 20 minutes early to scout out if it were busy. Just as I was passing the first pub she texted me saying that she had arrived. I delayed and took another 10 minutes. Thankfully the pub was quiet and I found her sitting by herself in a corner drinking a beer. She followed my instructions to dress like she was going to a gig, a good sign I thought. I commenced the dating steps. After the initial phase I broke rapport and took her to the next pub. This was a cocktail bar with a quiet, funky upstairs. I sat beside her so that I could escalate when required. We got into a discussion about ‘life’  and she said she had a ‘fuck it’ motto. So I escalated and kissed her. No resistance. I was jumping from hot to cold for the rest of the night. Things were wrapping up and I said we should go for one more drink (back in the original venue) but it turned out to be closed, that was an error on my part as it caught me off guard. I half threw out the idea of coming back to mine and added that I was up early next morning. I knew as I was saying it that I didn’t deliver it with enough conviction. She passed on my offer and said ‘next time’. At the station we kissed heavily and I planned to change her mind but a group of drunk people walked past and ruined the mood. 
She’s not a great texter which suits me perfectly. We’ve organised a video night for next week. Reflecting on the three dates I understand why this was more successful than the other two. I had a plan. I stuck to it. It almost paid off.